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Personal Injury Attorneys in Dallas, TX

Individuals hurt in a personal injury incident are eligible for compensation for pain, suffering, and financial loss if the accident is due to the negligence of another party. While laws are in place to protect victims, personal injury cases can be very complicated. Having the right attorney on your side is critical to your case’s success. Our team here at Law Office of Olegario Estrada, P.C. in Dallas, TX has years of experience representing clients in personal injury cases of all kinds. We know what it takes to build a strong case and hold those responsible accountable for your suffering and loss, and we don’t charge you a fee unless you recover a settlement.

workers gathering around fallen worker

Types of Personal Injury Cases

We are here to build the strongest case possible against the responsible party by documenting injuries, speaking with witnesses, taking photos of the scene, and researching any past complaints or incidents similar to yours. Our goal is to prove beyond doubt that another party is responsible for your or your family member’s injuries to get you the most favorable settlement possible. We represent clients in cases such as:

  • Car Accidents
  • Serious Injuries
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Premises Liability Accidents
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Wrongful Death and Survival Action
dog biting hand

Animal/Dog Bite

Texas law requires dog owners to be responsible for their pets. This means keeping them on a leash in public and confined or restrained on personal property. When a pet owner fails to obey the law, and it causes you to suffer an injury, we can help you secure the compensation you deserve.

couple talking on bedside

Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries to one’s spinal cord can result in life-long pain and paralysis. Individuals who suffer from a spinal cord injury due to an accident caused by another’s negligence may be entitled to monetary compensation.

burn on hand

Fire & Burn Injuries

Fire and burn injuries can be caused by several different circumstances. Fires are sometimes caused by faulty wiring in a house, chemical burns caused by improper warning labels, or misuse of fire starters.

person in wheelchair

Crime Victim

When an entity fails to provide adequate security to prevent crimes such as robbery or sexual assault, the victims of those crimes aren’t at fault for their injuries and pain, and suffering. This makes them eligible for a crime victim case.

brain pain diagram

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic damage to the brain often causes long-term or permanent physical disabilities, including paralysis, or mental impairment that can end a person’s independence and take away their quality of life. In most cases, the family must take on the duties of lifelong care and rehabilitation.
If you or a family member has suffered serious head trauma in a motor vehicle collision, industrial accident, or because of someone else’s careless act or poor decision, we can help. Head, brain, neck, and spinal cord injuries are often caused by blunt trauma, car accidents, truck collisions, motorcycle accidents, violent slip, and fall accidents, sports, and recreational injuries, or acts of violence. They also frequently result from the use of dangerous or defective products.
When caused by another person’s bad choices or reckless actions, traumatic brain injury (TBI) are a form of harm governed under personal injury law. With one tragic event, a client’s life changes forever in these cases.

little kid with a cast on the arm

Child Injury

Our attorneys can help if your child has been injured on a playground, at a school, in a daycare facility, or in a public park. In addition, we can also assist if your child was injured at a friend's house, at a health club, at a mall, or even at a children's birthday party. Children can also be victims of vehicle accidents and bike accidents.

  • Car Accident Injuries:
  • One of the most devastating possible outcomes in any motor vehicle crash is a serious injury to a child. We get to work proving a responsible party's liability through extensive accident investigation and reconstruction and thoroughly evaluate costs for your child's damages and treatment needs. If your child has been seriously hurt in a car accident, or in a pedestrian or bike accident, you need an attorney who will be compassionate in dealing with your family as well as forceful in seeking justice.

  • Day Care Accidents:
  • We are familiar with Texas state laws governing licensed daycare providers, which cover issues such as staff-child ratios, background checks, training for staff, proper supervision according to children's ages, and issues involving food safety and cleaning. We are equipped to handle cases involving playground falls, physical abuse, negligence, and other issues.

  • Playground Accidents:
  • If your child has been injured by the negligence of a daycare provider, a school district, or some other party, we can guide you through all necessary legal choices, steps, requirements, and processes. It will be determined whether negligent supervision, defective design, or other factors were involved.
    Our attorneys can talk to you about handling child abuse and unborn child deaths cases. Oftentimes, parents who signed waivers of damages are reluctant to pursue damages if they believe the filing deadlines/statutes of limitations have passed. A waiver, however, does not absolve negligent parties from liability if they fail to provide adequate supervision for children, and parents can file a claim for damages until their children turn 18. We are here to guide you.

    boat sinking in water

    Boating Accidents

    Boat and personal watercraft owners have a duty to operate their vehicles in a way that does not threaten or endanger their passengers or other boaters. If you have been injured in an accident due to the carelessness of a boater, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages.

    airplane and sunset

    Airplane Accidents

    Airplane accidents and injuries are not as common as car accidents, but they still happen. If you or a loved one was injured on a plane due to malfunctioning equipment, carelessness of the staff, or a defect in the plane’s design, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

    helicopter crash

    Helicopter Accidents

    Helicopters are known for their versatility in flight, as they are able to handle tricky and tight terrain fairly easily. This makes them popular for rescue missions with the coast guard, military use, police work, and even is used as a thrill-seeking carnival attraction. Unfortunately, operational errors and mechanical errors can lead to serious accidents that can lead to serious injuries.

    lady staring out window

    Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect

    When we place our family members in nursing homes, we want to know that they will be safe. Despite the research we do before our loved ones enter a facility, it is still possible for the staff to be abusive. Signs of nursing home neglect can be tricky to recognize, and staff members oftentimes put great effort to conceal evidence of elder abuse. So, how can you be sure if your loved one is safe, and what can you do if they are not?
    With the help of one of our attorneys, you can get an expert opinion on your situation so you can look for hidden signs of abuse and take action if there are any. When an elderly parent or loved one requires nursing home care, you are under the impression they will be treated with the most appropriate medical care, dignity, and respect. When this does not happen and your loved one is injured or worse, you may have grounds to hold nursing homes and their staff accountable for their actions.
    Nursing home abuse or neglect can lead to a wide range of painful, devastating, and life-threatening injuries. Among these are:

  • Bedsores
  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Abuse and assault
  • Restraint injuries
  • Falls and fractures
  • Wandering and leaving the facility
  • Wrongful death
  • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose
  • Prescription errors
  • Medical neglect
  • girl holding hand to head in pain

    School, Daycare, or Playground Accidents

    Innocent children are often the victims of accidents due to faulty play equipment, negligence, or lack of supervision. If your child has been injured at school, daycare, or on a playground, we can help get the compensation your family deserves. Daycare facilities are required to follow Texas laws outlining student-teacher ratios, proper staff training, background checks, and food safety. Whether the cause was defective equipment design or breaking childcare laws, we will fight your case to the end.

    person that has fallen down steps

    Slip and Falls

    Slip and fall accidents can happen on a commercial property or another person's private residence. In any case, property owners are responsible for keeping their property safe for guests and visitors. If an invitee or licensee is injured due to unsafe conditions such as slick floors, potholes, uneven walkways, or debris on the floor, we can help recoup damages from the injury and any financial losses or suffering sustained during recovery.

    Don’t Face Your Personal Injury Alone!

    Laws are in place to protect victims in accidents due to negligence. However, our laws also work on the principle of innocent until proven guilty. No matter how much responsibility another party holds in an injury to you or a family member, the burden is on your legal team to prove it. Make sure you have a qualified personal injury lawyer on your side by choosing Law Office of Olegario Estrada, P.C. in Dallas, TX to handle your case. Our commitment to the community is to ensure victims have access to qualified and reliable attorney services in their most dire time of need. Contact us to discuss your personal injury case today.

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