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Wrongful Death and Survival Action Attorneys

If a family member was killed through the careless or reckless act of another person or entity, you have our most sincere sympathies. Any time there is an untimely death, we completely understand that this can have lifelong and far-reaching effects on families. At the Law Office of Olegario Estrada, P.C., we take over the legal concerns and responsibilities of your case so that you don’t have to worry about any financial hardships, and ,instead you can focus on the loss of your loved one. We understand that these are very hard times and there are many struggles and adjustments that you are going through while you grieve your loved one. Let us help you.

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Types of Compensation

The Law Office of Olegario Estrada, P.C. can help accident victims and surviving family members to obtain compensation for fatal outcomes that arise out of 18-wheeler accidents, car and truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, defective products incidents, premises liability incidents, and other instances.

A surviving spouse, children, and parents of a deceased individual may begin a wrongful death action in Texas and most other states. Beneficiaries of a wrongful death action may recover personally for monetary losses they endure as a result of the loss of their loved one. Some of the damages that may be recovered are loss of love and companionship, pain and suffering before death, loss of inheritance, projected support to the qualified survivors of the deceased, medical, funeral, and other death related expenses, and possible punitive damages.

Types of Negligence

If you experience injury or death because of the negligence of another person, company, or entity, then you and your loved ones may be eligible to pursue legal action and get what you deserve. Whether the incident occurred because of faults in a product or hazards contained on property premises, finding a professional and experienced attorney is essential to getting justice. The most common types of negligence are:

Defective Manufacturing

Even if a product's design is safe to use, there may be an oversite or negligence during the manufacturing process that leads to death or injury. Common causes of defective manufacturing include putting costs ahead of safety, taking shortcuts to complete the product, or using cheaper materials.

Defective Design

A faulty design means an inherently dangerous flaw within a product that leads to injury or death. To successfully argue a case for bad design, the plaintiff needs to prove that there were safer designs that the manufacturer should have used instead.

Probable Liability

This means that a person was injured or killed by a product with a hidden fault and dangerous for use. If the person handled the product as instructed but sustained harm, family members may have a case for product liability.

Inadequate Warning

Sometimes, companies fail to warn consumers about using their products inappropriately or dangerously. If someone uses a product and sustains injury or death due to being misinformed or misled, the company or manufacturer could be held legally responsible.

Premises Liability

Land and property owners have a legal responsibility to maintain safety protocols or warn people to avoid the premises if they're dangerous. If they fail to do either, and someone gets injured or dies on the premises, the owner could face legal action.

Let Us Assist You in This Difficult Time

The Law Office of Olegario Estrada, P.C. will help with your Wrongful Death case. We will build a strong, solid case for projected earnings over the life expectancy of the deceased, and for compensation for medical and funeral costs. In addition, we will fight for financial relief for the loss of love, companionship, protection and all other compensation that is available to you.

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